About Us

Denim In Our Lives

Established with over 20 years of experience, COTTON DENIM has started out with the understanding of new denim, which specializes in denim and gives a different perspective in the denim industry.

COTTON DENIM produces high quality fabrics and in the denim sector with specialized team can understand and meet the needs and expectations of our customers in the best way paying than our company is attention to quality at all process of production. COTTON DENIM is a company that always follows innovation and can quickly respond to needs.

Quality Policy

As cotton denim we carry out our works by adopting the principle of superior quality in all processes in order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.


One of our primary targets is to move our brand which always follow a the innovations in the textile sector and is a pioneer in the ready-to-wear (confection) sector, by taking into account the innovations and developments in the world with our machines with the most modern technology.


Sustainability is so important for our company politics and we are always using the recycle cotton and post consumer yarns in our product. Cotton Denim has a understanding to respectful environment and nature all product process.

Customer Happiness

Our company target to provide excellent service by producing quality. Innovative modern and sustainable products in line with the interest and expectation of our customers and by always improving our customer service and relationships.

Production Line

In order to meet customer needs and satisfaction and to produce environmentally friendly products, we meet the needs of the sector with our modern and efficient machines together with our expert staff.